(Guildford, Surrey)

 UkeRythmics formed in 2017.  We enjoyed playing together so much that we decided to   share it!  As Rod says: "If there's anything you'd like to hear performed exceptionally well,   please tell us and we'll take it out of the set list."


  • Steve Milner: uke, kazoo, occasional bass.  Founder, front man and raconteur extraordinaire.


  • Rod Bayton: uke, banjo, banjolele, washboard. Likes a nice sit down, but doesn't let it slow up his playing!


  • Ian Zeffert: uke, banjolele, kazoo (kept in his hat). Claims to have swung from the rafters at the Crawdaddy Club.


  • John Williams: uke, harmonica. Northern comedic wit. Once lived "on t'moors".


  • Mike Ramcharan: drums, bongos, cajon, cowbell.... Also a rock-band drummer, so will hit anything that makes a noise!


  • Mark Lowings: bass guitar, quietly putting the oomph into everything. 


  • Adrian Hall: guitar. "Sorry, which key are we in? I might be able to fit a riff in here..." 









Introducing the band...

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