(Guildford, Surrey)

We’d like to let you know about us, to ensure the success of your event.


We’re happy to be flexible to your needs, so do please read the notes on this page and let us know if you would like to discuss anything.


The UkeRythmics are a 7-piece band, with ukuleles forming the core, plus harmonica, guitar, bass and drums.   We play a range of lively music, from 1920s trad to 70’s rock. If you have any specific tastes or requests, please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to meet them, time permitting.


Sing-alongs with song-sheets can be arranged. Please let us know two weeks in advance if you would like this to be part of your event. We can also give out shakers of various kinds for the audience to join in with the rhythm if they want to. Please let us know if you would like this.



We can play acoustic or amplified.  Acoustic can work in small, quiet, indoor venues. If that’s you, great!  Otherwise we’ll assume amplification is needed. (Conversations, party noise, soft furnishings etc. can soak up sound even in small areas.) We need to know the details of your venue in advance to ensure the best possible sound for you: room size and shape; is there a stage?; how many people?; what kind of event? We will do our best to adapt our equipment and sound volume to your venue.



Please let us know as soon as possible: when we can enter the venue; when you want us to start and stop playing, and whether you want a break between sets.  E.g. a set of 15 - 20 numbers takes roughly 45 - 60 minutes. An evening’s entertainment might be two such sets with a 15-minute break.  It’s all up to you! Except when we’re acoustic, we need a minimum of 45 minutes before your event starts, to set up and do a sound check.  We’ll then return when you want us to play.



Except when acoustic, we will need at least one mains power socket close to the band. We can work from a single mains socket, using our own surge-protected adaptor to supply our equipment.  If playing outdoors, we will need a rain-proof playing area (e.g. a marquee) with no exposure of electrical equipment and cables to moisture.



We can play on stage or on floor level.  We need a minimum space of 8 metres wide by 3 metres deep to accommodate the band, which includes a drum kit, amps and speakers.  Except when acoustic, we recommend a minimum space of 3 metres between the band and your audience, for the comfort of those nearest to us, particularly if they are seated.   The more space, the better!



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